Thursday, March 21st

Lab 7.1  Liver Dissection

Title, Summary of Introduction, 2 Signatures (1 for liver removal, one for a quiz), labeled pictures of your liver and questions 1-8 and Summary (6 functions of liver)

Homework:  Finish write up of lab.  Due next class

Tuesday, March 19th-

The liver- functions (8 reasons to love your liver)

Digestive functions- focus on bile production


Homework:  Notes 7.1 and 7.2 due Thursday 3/21


Friday, March 15th-

Chapter 6 test

Part 1:  Labeled diagrams

Part 2:  Multiple choice

Part 3:  Longer answer

Turn in:    All notes and worksheets in packets.  Or mark your journal with sticky notes for each section.  Leave for me to grade

When finished:   Watch Crash Course Digestion Part 3:


Wednesday, March 13th

Start human sized Poster for upper digestive system (directions available in class).  Add:  teeth, tongue, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach (all 4 layers).  Add  a description of function of each part on that part attached to life sized human.

Homework:  Upper digestive test on Friday.  All notes/ws from unit 6 due Friday.  If done in journal, mark pages with sticky notes and leave for me to grade or leave packets for me to grade.  Write names on your packets.

Questions?   Email me at:

Monday, March 11th-

Finish Stomach Lab, write up questions, labeled pictures, lab group quiz on structures/function if you didnt take last week.

Time to finish notes/WS packets for unit 6 (upper digestive)

Homework:  notes/ws packets due Friday!  Test on Unit 6 due Friday

Study guide (for you only-  I am not grading this) Study Guide for Unit 6 test

Wednesday, March 6th-

Stomach removal!

This is a tough lab and may be finished next class if time was an issue

Homework:  Notes packet and W/S packets are due next Friday (3/15)

Monday, March 4th-

The stomach!  We will prepare to remove and dissect the stomach on Wednesday.

In class:

Dynamic lecture on parts of the stomach, layers of the stomach, special features of the stomach, (such as enzyme production in glands, rugae (to expand stomach) and layers of muscle.

Crash Course digestive video:    You may want to watch this short video again at home since the narrator speaks quickly.


Thursday, February 28th

Finish Mouth lab- part 2

Homework:  Finish conclusion for lab.  Include pictures (with labels) as well as answers for all questions within the lab.  If you never finished notes (6.4)

Tuesday, February 26th-

Notes- Mouth, Salivary Glands, accessory organs

Great song to remember parts:

Whitman College Virtual Pig dissection- look at pictures showing parts of the mouth/pharynx

Prep for Part 2 of mouth lab (during class on Thursday)

Worksheet 6-3,  Notes 6-4.  Notes due next Monday

Friday, February 22nd

Lab:  Expose Salivary glands (lab 6.2 part 1 only)

Questions 1-5, picture, lab quiz (except per 3)

HW Worksheets 6-1 and 6-2 (available in class)  Due Tuesday

Wednesday, February 20th-

Notes 6/1 and 6/2 due (stamped)

Lab 3.4 Pig External anatomy with group lab quiz

Homework:  Notes 6.3 due Friday

Thursday, February 7th-

Warm up questions (dorsal/ventral and anterior/posterior)

Start notes 6.1 Intro to digestion (in class)

Make teeth models

HW-  complete notes 6.1 and 6.2 by next class (hopefully Monday).

Tuesday, February 5th

You need to check out your textbooks from the library if you are unable to do that during class.  Keep this book at home (we have class copies here).  You will need it for the notes.

Introduction to digestive system, starting with the mouth

20 minutes to work on notes section 6.1Unit 6 Notes Section 1

Build teeth models- get to know your teeth!  Structure, function and names of human teeth.

Short lecture on 6.1 (upper digestive system)


  Unit 6 Notes Section 2  

Friday, February 1st

Practice with dissection terminology

Lab:  Autopsy of a Pickle

Due next class

Wednesday, January 30th

Welcome to Anatomy!

This class will be divided into 5 units.  During each unit you will have a guided notes packet, a worksheet packet and a lab manual.  The guided notes section will help you take notes using the textbook and to prepare for our lectures.  You may write on the packet or in your journal.  The worksheet packet will give you a chance to practice using the new terminology and concepts that were introduced in the textbook and during lecture.  The lab manual will allow you to have learn more about each topic through detailed dissections of the fetal pig.

Unit 1:  Anatomical terms and basic dissection skills.

Unit 2:  Upper digestive system (mouth through stomach)

Unit 3:  Lower digestive system (liver, pancreas and intestines)

Unit 4:  Heart and lungs

Unit 5:  Urinary and reproductive systems

Please check this site frequently for homework, quiz and lab updates.

In Class:      Autopsy of a Pickle (Introduction to anatomical terms and dissection skills)















Wednesday June 6th

Lab practical!  Approx. 22 stations.  See attached study guide

Monday June 4th

Review for Final (see attached review sheet)  2018studyguide


Short lecture on kidneys (major parts and functions)

Thursday May 31st-

The Kidneys, Bladder and Ureters

For those of you on music tours….  Watch Bozeman science to prep for kidney dissection next class.  You can dissect during class and review for the final at home or come in before school (as a group) to dissect before school at 8am.

Thursday May 24th

Finish all odds and ends for Circulatory system.  Worksheets 9-4 and 9-5 in class

Review for Tuesdays Cardiovascular/Circulatory test.

Tuesday May 22nd

Review white blood cells (types of cells, “superpowers” and limitations of)

Start Lymphatic system- Watch Crash course video (especially for students testing today)

Classwork:  Notes on lymphatic system (notes 9-6) and worksheets 9-7 and 9-8

Turn in Blood superheroes today!

Friday May 18th

Blood Cell Super Hero Assignment in class.

  1.  Use the following website, as well as your own textbook to take notes of 7 basic types of blood cells (red and white)
  2. Complete Super Hero assignment (copy available in class) .  Due Tuesday at beginning of class

HW Notes 9.4 white blood cells

Wednesday May 16th-

Lecture:  basic parts/types of blood vessels.

In class: work on notes- section 9-5 on plasma and blood clotting.

Due:  So far we have completed notes 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 and 9-5 (today)


HW Notes 9.4 and complete your blood superhero assignment

Thursday May 10th-

Dr. Thomas Oliver, Cardiologist PeaceHealth

  • EKG, echocardiogram
  • (Look at the valves within the heart in real time, look at electrical system of a heart)
  •  Take good notes, ask good questions, practice good audience etiquette.
  • If you are texting during this you will receive a “0” for participation.

Tuesday May 8th-

Introduction to Unit 9- Circulation/Blood vessels

  •  Major pathways of blood to brain, arms, legs
  • Add these pathways to your 2-D person
  • Turn in take home quiz from last Friday

HW  Notes:  Section 9-1  Blood vessel structure due Thursday

Friday May 4th

DrKelly McCullough,  a gastroenterologist from PeaceHealth will be here to talk about the digestive system.   This will be a great chance to review the digestive system, which will be included in our final exam during the first week of June.

You will be graded on your notes, attentiveness and questions.  Any cell phone use during this presentation will result in a substantial loss of participation points.

HW  Short take home test for unit 8.  Notes section 9.1.  Due Tuesday, May 8th

Wednesday May 2nd-

Blood pressure day!  Learn how to take blood pressure and interpret results.  Alyssa Johnson (school nurse) will help teach this lesson.

Collect notes and w/s packet for unit 8

Monday April 30th

Finish Lung/Trachea lab- Microstructure and analysis questions.

Small lecture:  Breathing and respiration-  get out the lung model and discuss inspiration/expiration, diaphragm, muscles involved and pressure differences inside/outside lungs when breathing.

HW   Notes and w/s for Unit 8 are due Wednesday

Wednesday April 25th

Lab 8.5 Lung/Trachea removal.

This is a long and detailed lab.  We will finish the gross structure today and microstructure on Monday

HW  All notes and w/s for chapter 8 will be collected Wednesday May 2nd.

Monday April 23rd

Things that affect heart rate (hormones, nervous system, temperature, pressure sensors)

3 types of heart problems, treatments/preventions/new research

Lecture on respiratory system- upper respiratory (through larynx) is review-

Prep for Wednesday’s lab:  removal of lungs/trachea in pig

Notes through 8.6 should be done by wednesday



Thursday April 19th     – complete EKG basics

ECG coloring

Khan academy video on EKG readings:



Tuesday- April 17th

sheep heart dissection.

No write up- just a dissection

Friday April 13th

Cow Heart!  Look at, draw, follow the vessels into the chambers, look at the valves that are visible.

Quick review of coronary circulation

Intro to Electrical System of heart

Activity:  Add a heart to your 2D life sized person.  Include 4 chambers, 4 valves and 4 vessels.  If time add the AV and SA nodes

HW  Notes 8.4 and 8.5

Wednesday April 11th

Heart Dissection Part 12018Heart Dissection Part 1

Remove the heart from the pig.

HW Notes through 8.3, W/s 8.1  and 8.2

Monday April 9th-

Welcome Back!

Review of Circulatory System- Bozeman Science Circulatory system video (11 min)

Finish lecture/notes on 8.1 in notes packet

Homework:  You should have notes 8.1 and 8.2 done by Wednesday 4/11.  Worksheet packet 8.1 (this is what we did in class today so it may already be finished)


Thursday March 29th-

Start  heart unit- flow of blood through the heart

Color code 4 chambers of the heart based on oxygen levels in blood.  Identify 4 chambers, 4 valves and where blood is going next.

HW  Finish notes section 8.1

Tuesday March 27th-

Unit 7 test  on the digestive system

Friday March 23rd

Review for test

Get all packets stamped

PPT Intestine

Wednesday March 21st

Finish intestine lab

Microstructure of Intestine

Monday March 19th-

Lab:  Removal of small intestines!  Prize for group with the longest unbroken intestine.

Thursday March 15th

Quick pancreas quiz (endocrine/exocrine functions of )

Small Intestine- macrostructure and microstructure, color and label diagram to go with notes

Class activity:  Add accessory organs to the digestive system of your life sized paper person (liver, gall bladder, pancreas).  This should be a useful study guide for the digestive system test (most likely Friday March 23rd)

Homework:  Notes through 7.5 (small intestine) and worksheets through 7.3 (pancreas)  Write up any labs that are not finished.


Tuesday March 13th-

Notes/discussion on hormones made in pancreas (to control blood sugar) and hormones made in small intestine (that interact with liver, gallbladder and pancreas)

Lab 7.3 Pancreas.     Intro, sketch, quiz and summary questions.

Homework:  At this point you should have notes through 7.4 done (by Thursday) as well as worksheets through 7.3 (pancreas) .  If you have time worksheet 7.4 would be a nice review as well.   On Thursday we will add accessory structures to our cut out person (liver, gall bladder, pancreas) and start introducing microstructure of intestines.

Thursday March 8th

50 minute period

Quick diagram quiz on microstructure of the liver (lobules) and basic organs in digestive system (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine- where they are)

Notes:  pancreas

Discuss exocrine and endocrine function of the pancreas.  Nice 4 minute video overview at:   Also consider watching the short video on–q0YMq8



HW  Worksheet 7/1 and 7/2

Notes:   be current up to 7.4 by Tuesday


Tuesday March 6th

In class:  Lab 7.2  Liver Microstructure

HW:  notes 7. 2 and 7.3 due next class


Friday March 2nd

Liver dissection.  Lab must include:  2 sigs, questions, picture or sketches (with labeled parts) and conclusion.  Have completed by Tuesday

Wednesday February 28th-

Test- upper digestive system

Lecture:  gross anatomy of liver

HW  Notes:  section 7.1 liver

Thursday February 22th

Finish upper digestive system.

Notes:  Regulation of Gastric Secretions- negative feedback

Cephalic, Gastric, Intestinal

Start working on life sized human diagram of upper digestive.  Include salivary glands, layers of the stomach, esophagus,  tongue and any other important anatomical terms that will help you study for the test

Homework-   Finish all notes from notes packet and all worksheets.  Due Monday


Tuesday February 20th

Get data for pepsin lab (digesting of egg whites)

Lab 6.3 stomach removal (we will save opening the stomach for Thursday)

Homework:  Finish write up for Pepsin lab and Stomach lab.  Due Friday


Thursday, February 8th– this is a short class!  Be ready to complete the second part of lab 6.2 (throat)

Homework:  Finish write up of 6.2 lab, complete worksheet 6-3, oral cavity) Notes:  6.4 stomach structure- due next Tuesday 2/13

Tuesday, February 6th

Lecture- wrapping up details on notes 6.1 and 6.2 including:

Tooth cells (ameloblasts, odontoblasts, odontoclasts, structure of a tooth, accessory structures of mouth (tongue, teeth, salivary glands), soft palate, hard palate, vestibule, uvula and parts of the tongue (papillae- filliform, fungiform and vallate)

In class:  color code diagram of layers of a tooth and tape into journal, prepare for part 2 of lab 6.2 (this is where we break the jaw to expose anatomy of throat).

Homework:  Notes 6.3 (throat)  and Worksheets 6-1 through 6-2

Friday,  February 2nd

Quick power point on Salivary glands

Lab 6.2  The mouth  We will complete Part 1:  Exposing the Salivary Glands.  Include:  summary of procedure, pictures (from camera or sketches) and questions and answers 1-6.  You will have a mini quiz (oral quiz) for a “sig” after completing dissection and questions.

Part 2 will be next week.

Wednesday, January 31st

Quiz on Monday and last Friday’s vocabulary (see words from 2 previous posts)

20 minutes to work on notes section 6.1Unit 6 Notes Section 1

Build teeth models

Short lecture on 6.1 (upper digestive system)

Unit 6 Notes Section 2Homework:  notes 6.2

Monday, January 29th

*  Check out text Books/return neuroscience books

  • Lecture on more vocab- superior/inferior    medial/lateral    proximal/distal   dorsal/ventral    posterior/anterior
  • Text Anatomic terms pgs 18-19   (homework, read and add to notes as needed)pg 21   Body Sections
  • Vocab quiz Wed (all terms listed from Thurs/Mon)
  • Lab 3.4 Whole Pig Appreciation (also called Pig external anatomy)

Practice for Wednesday’s  quiz  body-terms-quiz-study-guide

January 25th

Welcome to Anatomy (the study of form) and Physiology (the study of function)
Short history of the study of anatomy

Basic Anatomical vocabulary:  sagittal, midsagittal, frontal/coronal, cross section (transverse/horizontal) and oblique, anatomical position, axial and appendicular

Practice with vocabulary terms using our class skeleton

Autopsy of a Pickle:  Try to determine the cause of death while using your new vocabulary to complete your first dissection.  In journal.

Wednesday 6/14/17–  Lab Final!!!!    Say good-bye to your pigs.  Respectfully dispose of pigs and clean up lab stations.

Monday 6/12/17 and Tuesday 6/13/17  Study for Lab Final.  Practice problems and stations will be out.

Friday 6/9/17–  Labs 10.1 and 10.4 due today at end of period!!!!

No work accepted after today!!  Please mark labs with a sticky note and place in class bin.  The “in” box will be removed on Friday at 2:15 pm.

In class:  Time to finish lab write ups and start study guide for Lab Final

Lab Final study guide

Wednesday 6/7/17  – Mr. Ferguson will be here to help with Lab 10.4

One sig needed for quiz on female and male reproductive parts/functions in pigs

Labs due Friday

Tuesday 6/6/17–  Kidney diseases-  Short videos on 3-D printing of kidneys/other organs

Prep for lab 10.4  Reproductive Organs (pre-lab and pre-lab diagrams)

Monday 6/5/17–  Part 3 Urinary System-  Kidney microstructure

Friday 6/2/17-  Urinary System dissection.  Mr. Ferguson will be here to help with this difficult dissection.  If you are on the band or orchestra trip please arrange a make up day for this lab.

Wednesday 5/31/17–  Periods 1-6 today

Finish kidney/nephron structure/function/health

Look at Kidney Dialysis as a way of “cleaning” the blood without kidneys

Prep for Friday’s Urinary System dissection

Complete all worksheets to review kidney/nephron before Friday.

Tuesday 5/30/17–  Continue with nephron/structure of kidney.

What can go wrong with the kidney?  How to keep your kidneys healthy

*  Good podcast for absent students:  “Crash Course” A and P lecture #39 on the Urinary System (Part 2) Please watch and take notes.

Monday 5/29/17-  Memorial Day- No School

Friday 5/26/17

Urinary lecture-  PPT  urinary system

HW  Read pgs 797-803  (structure and function of kidney/ nephrons)

Good podcasts:  “Crash course”  A and P lecture #38 on Urinary System  and Bozeman Science “Urinary System”      I would highly recommend that you watch both of these if you missed Friday.

Wednesday 5/24/17

Blood typing lab.  Include summary of blood typing (history of), your scenario, data tables 1 and 2 and data analysis questions in complete sentences.

HW  Take home test due Friday

Tuesday 5/23/17-

Dynamic lecture on the Lymphatic system.  What is Lymph?  Where does it come from?  What does it become?  What is the purpose of the lymphatic system?  What would happen if we didn’t have a lymphatic system?

Monday 5/22/17-

Review white blood cells- especially Lymphocytes (B and T cells).  Watch Bozeman science “Immune system part 2” for a review.

HW  W/S packet and notes packet due today!!

Friday 5/19

MSOE- story on Engineered Red Blood Cells.  Compare to story from another research team using a very different approach.

Wednesday 5/17/17- Finish RBC lecture

  •  White blood cells
    • Lymphocytes (B and T cells)
    • Monocytes
    • Eosinophils
    • Basophils
    • Neutrophils
  • Platelets

Blood Superhero Assignment – due Monday  Superhero Assignment

Worksheet Packet (Unit 9) and Notes Packet (Unit 9) due Monday

Tuesday 5/16/17-  How Blood Pressure is Controlled

*  Crash course Blood Pressure (1:37- 7 min)

*   Baroreceptors, Hormones, Volume of Blood and Effects of chronic high blood    pressure

*Introduce Red Blood Cells

HW:  Notes 9.4 (white blood cells and Platelets

Monday 5/15/17-  Cool science in the news (using cone snail venom as a potential painkiller) – tie into Opioid epidemic

  •  Finish last weeks’ labs-  Blood vessel lab, Blood pressure lab and human paper cutout of blood pathways.
  • Check notes 9.2 and 9.3

Friday 5/12/17-  Blood Pressure Lab

Alyssa Johnson (school R.N.) will show us how to take blood pressure.  We will use this new skill in our exercise and blood pressure lab

HW  we will stamp/correct w/s 9.2 and 9.3 and notes 9.2 and 9.3

Wednesday 5/10/17– Lab 9.2 Blood vessels.

Can we find and expose the major arteries and veins in the thoracic and abdominal cavity of the pig??

HW Notes 9.2 and 9.3 due Friday

Tuesday 5/9/17–  Review blood pathways from yesterday.  You are a red blood cell, lost in the left ventricle.  You ask for directions to the left ankle.  Please describe what these directions would sound.

Returning to the heart.  Add appropriate veins to get blood back to the vena cava from each location from yesterday.

HW  W/S packet 9.2 and 9.3 due Friday

Monday 5/8/17–  Major Blood vessels.  Learn pathways of blood from left ventricle to:  head, wrist, kidney, liver and ankle.  Add these pathways (named) to your life sized human.

Friday 5/5/17  Finish write up of Lab 9.1 including quiz signature (compare and contrast veins and arteries)

HW WS packet 9.1 and 9.2    This includes a review of blood vessels as well as an introduction of blood pathways.  Due Monday

Wednesday 5/3/17 Dr. Thomas Oliver, Cardiologist from PeaceHealth will give a presentation on the structure and function of the heart, including its electrical system.

Heart Imaging and EKG’s on students (with prior parental approval)

Take good notes, ask good questions

Tuesday 5/2/17– Start unit 9  Blood and Blood vessels

Quick review of major types of blood vessels and their structure and function

HW Notes 9.1 due Friday

Monday 5/1/17–  Unit 8 test (respiratory/cardiovascular)

Friday 4/28/17–  1/2 day with 30 minute periods.

  •  All worksheet packet pages due (stamped)
  • Notes- unit 8 due (stamped)
  • We will review for the test on Monday (Unit 8)

Wednesday 4/26/17–  Finish write-up for last Wednesday’s trachea/lung dissection. This includes the quiz on breathing.

Complete w/s 8-5  Respiratory Disorders.  Then choose 1 disorder and describe how the disease has been treated in the past.  Research any new treatment options and describe how they are (or possibly could) improve the outcomes for patients.  Write 2 paragraphs and include sources.  NIH and American Heart Association are excellent starting points.

HW:  All pages of w/s packet and all notes for unit 8 due Friday.  Half credit for late work.  Quiz on Cardio/respiratory systems on Monday

Tuesday 4/23/17

Quick quiz on blood flow through heart/parts of heart

Lecture:  Respiratory System- the process of breathing (continue from last Wednesday’s lab)

  •  including:  ventilation vs. respiration, pressure, intercostal muscles, inspiration, diaphragm, pleural membrane, expiration, phrenic nerves and surface tension.

HW :  complete WS for unit 8 through 8-4 (8-3 The respiratory system and 8-4 Breathing)

Monday 4/22/17

Review of all major concepts in this unit

  1.  Coronary vs. Systemic blood flow, including where blood detours to the coronary arteries (or keeps going through the aorta)
  2. All major vessels, valves, chambers included in the heart

Electrical signals to control heart rate (review pgs 565-566)

  1. Bozeman Science Circulation (video) at 8:21- 11 min to review pathway
  2. What controls SA node?  (sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic, hormones, pressure sensors)

HW Keep working on W/S packet for unit 8.  Packet due Friday 4/28

Friday 4/21/17

Finish 8.5 lab.  Get stamps for lab quiz (pathway of respiratory system) and lung/trachea removal.

HW.  Finish notes packet (due Monday)

Get notes 8.4 and 8.5 stamped today

Wednesday 4/19/17

Lab 8.5 The respiratory system.  We will attempt to remove the lungs and trachea while leaving the heart in place.

Tuesday 4/18/17-  The Heart’s electrical conduction system

Notes 8.2 and 8.3 stamped in class

HW:  Notes 8.4 and 8.5 due Friday

Monday 4/17/17

Heart Health-  diet, exercise, controlled stress, genetics

Common Heart problems and procedures that are used to treat them:

*  blocked arteries –  bypass surgery or angioplasty with stents

*  Valve abnormalities- many don’t require treatment

*  electrical abnormalities- some can be treated with pacemakers

Short video clips:  heartprocedures

HW  notes sections 8-2 and 8-3 (mostly review) due Tuesday

Friday 4/13/17

Walls of the heart, covering of the heart, coronary vs systemic blood circulation (notes)heartcover

heartcover2Stamp HW (notes- 8.1)

HW for this weekend:  WS 8/1 and WS 8/2 due Monday

Wednesday 4/12/17–  Expose the heart by opening the thoracic cavity.  Include a picture/sketch in your lab journal.  Include a description of the blood flow through the heart (all 4 chambers, blood vessels coming to and going from heart, and all 4 valves).

Tuesday 4/11/17-

Start structure of the heart.  Color code heart diagram, discuss parts/functions and pathway of blood through heart

HW  Notes section 8.1  (due Friday)

Monday 4/10/17

Finish write up of lab 7.4 (small intestine) Omit conclusion #1 (about your hypothesis).

Look at the microstructure of the ilium (lower small intestine) and answer questions 1-7 from lab 7.5   This is NOT a complete lab write up.  Look at the slides and answer the questions.

Friday 3/31/17- 

Unit 7 test (all digestion)

Have a restful spring break.  No homework!

If you really, really want to do some homework, you can get started on Unit 8 notes.  Unit 8 Notes Section 1

Unit 8 Notes Section 2

Unit 8 Notes Section 3

Wednesday 3/29/17

Have all unit 7 notes and worksheets done by today!!

Lab:  intestine dissection

Tuesday 3/28/17-  Large intestine lecture

-structure and function of large intestines

Monday 3/27 –  Ted Talk   “Meet your microbes”  by Jonathon Eisen- how bacteria affect your health

Friday 3/23 – lecture small instestine

HW  Notes 7.6

Wednesday 3/22

Pancreas- exposure and Pancreas microstructure (lab)

HW  notes 7.5 due Friday (intestines)

Tuesday 3/21/17

Lecture:  The endocrine and exocrine functions of the liver

HW  Notes 7.4 due Wed  w/s 7.4 due wed

Monday 3/20/17

Today’s lesson plans (in detail)  Monday

Liver:  Add the liver to your life sized human model.  Details in word document above

HW:  Worksheet  7.2  Ducts from Gallbladder and Pancreas (due Wed) and w/s 7.3 The Pancreas (due Wed)

Friday 3/17/17

Pig Liver dissection day!

Homework:  Notes 7.3  Pancreas and worksheet 7.1 (liver)

Tuesday 3/14/17 and Wednesday 3/15/17

Liver lecture days on gross structure and microstructure of liver

Homework due:  Notes 7.1       For Friday:  notes 7.2 

Monday March 13th–  Upper digestive system test

Start lower digestive system unit

Notes packet 7.1 (liver) due Wednesday  Unit 7 Notes Section 1

  • This week:  Liver
  • Next week:  Pancreas
  • Following week:  intestines

Friday March 31st digestive system test (day before spring break)

Friday March 10th-  bonus teaching and learning day!  30 minute periods

In class:  Finish getting data for Pepsin lab, write conclusion

Super short lecture on Vitamins  (see slides 4-6 on attached powerpoint) Unit 6 Vitamins & Minerals

HW :  Upper digestive system test on Monday.  I will collect notes packet and W/s Packet.  Have them all completed.  Study suggestions  Study Suggestions for Monday

Wednesday March 8th-

Finish Microstructure of Stomach lab (questions, tape in pictures)

Complete lab 6.5  Pepsin production-  we will set up a lab comparing the digestive capabilities of  HCl, Pepsinogen, water, and Pepsin.

Tuesday, March 7th– Lab 6.4  Microstructure of Stomach.

This is not a full lab.  Look at the stomach slides under low and high power to find the parts listed in the manual.  You do not need to sketch the parts but try to take a photo of each.   I can print them for your lab book.  Complete questions.

Monday, March 6th–  Regulation of gastric secretions (notes/lecture)

Where/when are:  amylase, lipase, pepsin (a protease) produced?

Friday, March 3rd–  Finish Monday’s activity (layers of the stomach).  Finish write up of stomach lab (questions, conclusion, labeled diagrams).

HW-  due Tuesday –  Finish page 2 of w/s 6-4

– Notes section 6.5 (stomach secretions)

Wednesday, March 1st–  Stomach removal day.  Lab 6.3

Tuesday, February 28th–  Snow day!  Ahhhhh!

Monday, February 27th–  See attached lesson plans for layers of the stomach (mucosa, submucosa, muscle and serous) and group activity.


HW:  Read lab 6.3 (stomach dissection)

Friday, February 24th-  Start stomach lecture and coloring of macro and microstructure

Homework:  Notes  6.4 due Monday (stomach structure)

Wednesday, February 22nd– Finish Lab 6.2 Mouth dissection.

HW  WS 6.4 page 1 only (stop before the stomach)

Tuesday, February 21st–  Lecture:  Mouth, tongue, prep for tomorrow’s lab

HW :  notes: 6.3 (throat, pharynx, esophagus)

Monday, February 20th–  President’s Day (no school)

Friday, February 17th-

Notes due:  Section 6.1 and 6.2  Unit 6 Notes Section 2

Salivary glands lecture and practice  Lab 6.2 part 1 (the mouth)

Homework:  Notes packet- 6.3 due Wednesday 2/22  (you have these)

Worksheet packet 6/1 and 6/2 due Tuesday 2/21.  Packets available in class or:  worksheet-6-1         worksheet-6-2

Wednesday, February 15th

Lab 3.4  Full pig appreciation

Tuesday, February 14th

Introduction to digestive system (notes)- basic structures of digestive system and accessory organs (notes available in class)

Teeth– types and functions of each

– layers of a tooth

Homework (due Friday) Notes:  section 6.2  and text reading (see 6.2)

Monday, February 13th–  See last Monday’s entry

Monday, February 6th-

Snow Day- If we have school tomorrow we will still have our quiz (see Friday’s post)

We will (hopefully) start the first pig lab day on Wednesday (Full pig appreciation)- no scalpels on day one)

Homework:  For those of you that have time on your hands

Unit 6 Notes Section 1 dueWednesday (2/15)  We will start with the mouth/teeth/tongue.

Friday, February 3rd

Lecture:  Levels of organization – from an atom to an organism, homeostasis.  How these two big topics tie in to anatomy.

Notes- section 1.2 checked in class.

HW :  Notes section 1.3 due Monday, study guide for Monday’s quiz  body-terms-quiz-study-guide

Wednesday, February 1st

Autopsy of a Pickle Lab- available in class.  There are a couple pickle cadavers left if you were absent Wednesday and need to make this up.  Notes section 1.2 checked in class

HW-  Notes section 1.2 due Friday

Tuesday, January 31st

Practice using vocabulary from yesterday (body planes) in warm up question  planeswarmupjan31

Introduce directional terminology  (notes in class)

Worksheet 1-1 (in class)


Wednesday 6/15  Last day of school.  25 min periods.  Lab clean-up

Tuesday 6/14/16-   Last dissection- Remove reproductive organs of the pig

Monday 6/13/16  No class (1,3, 5 block)

Friday 6/10/16 –  Teacher workday.

Thursday 6/9/16  –  Lab Final and unit 9 test

Last day to hand in anything that you would like me to grade

Tuesday 6/7/16–  Review for lab final, and unit 9 test

2016 Lab Practical Review Sheet

Unit 9 Study Guide

Monday 6/6/16-  Finish Kidney and bladder lab write up, and notes

Friday 6/3/16-  1,3,5 block day due (no anatomy classes today)

Thursday 6/2/16  Dissection – Kidney and bladder.

Wednesday 6/1/16  Late arrival due to biology EOC

Introduction to kidney and bladder.  Unit 10 lab journals passed out.  No W/S packet for this unit

Tuesday 5/31/16   Finish Unit 9 – Notes on Lymphatic System

In class:  W/S 9-7 The Lymphatic System and 9-8 Lymph Drainage

Due Tuesday.

Monday 5/30/16  Memorial Day- No School

Friday 5/27/16  Guest Speaker, Dr. Kelly McCollough- gastroenterologist

10 points given for notes taken and questions asked.

Thursday 5/26/16  Blood Typing Activity using synthetic blood

* present superhero assignment in small groups.

HW:  W/S 9-5 Circulation Pathways

Tuesday 5/24/16  “Blood Cell Superhero”   Superhero Assignment

Monday 5/23/16  Notes:  Composition of Blood and 7 types of blood cells.  Available in class.

Thursday 5/19/16  Finish Monday’s blood vessel life sized diagram.  Each group will present their pathway.  These pathways will be displayed around the room to review major blood vessels.

Major Blood Pathways pig dissection.  We will attempt to locate the major blood vessels in the fetal pig.  Depending on the size and condition of your pig we may be able to find some or all of the vessels described in this lab.

Tuesday 5/17/16  Our school nurse, Alyssa Johnson, will show us how to take blood pressure.  We will start Blood Pressure Lab

HW  Finish any questions from Blood Pressure Lab

Monday 5/16/16  Major blood vessels.  On a full size human outline, use red and blue ribbon to trace blood flow to one of the following places:  left hand, right side of face, left big toe, kidney or kidney.

HW  Notes 9.2 due Tuesday

Friday 5/13/16-  Lecture on Arteries and Veins.  Complete WS 9.1

HW Notes 9.1 due Monday

Unit 9 Notes Section 1

Unit 9 Notes Section 2

Unit 9 Notes Section 3

Unit 9 Notes Section 4

Unit 9 Notes Section 5

Thursday 5/12/16  Start Unit 9  Blood Vessels, Blood,  Lymphatic System

Lab 9.1  Blood Vessels (this does not involve the pig and can easily be made up on Friday for those taking AP tests today)

Tuesday 5/10/16  Unit 8 test.  You may have one small notecard with you

Monday 5/9/16  Review day for tomorrow’s test

Correct worksheet packet and notes for Unit 8

Friday 5/6/16–  Finish lab 8.5  Microstructure of lungs

Study guide for unit 8 test and one small notecard passed out.


Thursday 5/5/16  Lab 8.5 Remove pig lungs

Friday 4/29/16–  Enjoy your teacher workday.

Thursday 4/28/16

Lab 8.4 Respiration lab in class

Notes 8.5 and 8.6 due

HW ws 8.4 due Monday

Tuesday 4/26/16

Start respiratory system- notes on function of respiratory system, organs of the respiratory system

WS 8.3 in class

HW  Notes 8.6 due Thursday

Monday 4/25/16

Finish Conduction system of heart powerpoint (review of conduction from last week)

HW Notes 8.5 due Thursday

Friday 4/22/16  Happy Earth Day

Finish write up and quizzes for Heart dissection lab

Start EKG lab

HW study for Monday’s quiz on systemic and coronary circulation and conduction system of heart

Thursday 4/21/16  Lab 8.2  Heart dissection

We will use both the fetal pig heart and a cow heart and a sheep heart for this lab

Notes 8.3 and WS 8.2 due today in class.

Tuesday 4/19/16- 

Mini Lecture on heart’s conduction system.  2 minute video

Practice interpreting EKG/ECGs at:  (choose EKG, then EKG interpretations/basic)

Homework:  Notes 8-4 due Thursday

Monday 4/18/16

Introduction to the Coronary Pathway- how the heart supplies itself with blood

HW  W/S 8-2 and Notes 8-3 due Thursday

Friday 4/15/16

Science in the News Day:  If absent, please choose 2 articles to read and summarize.  Also describe why (or why not) this article could be important to the advancement of heart health care.

Alternative to open-heart surgery gives woman ’10 years back’

Heart review:  Color code the valves, chordae tendineae, and papillary muscle on the heart sketch from class.  Color code “circulation through the heart” diagram with red to indicate high oxygen blood and blue to indicate low oxygen blood.

HW  WS 8.1 due Monday

Thursday 4/14/16

Lab 8.1  Body Position vs Heart Rate

HW lab write up if not finished

Tuesday 4/12/16 

Review valves, vessels and chambers of the heart.

New:  Walls of the heart, Coverings of the Heart

HW Notes Secion 8.2 due Thursday

Monday 4/11/16  Start “Structures of the Heart”

HW Notes Section 8.1 due Thursday

Links to notes:

Unit 8 Notes Section 1

Unit 8 Notes Section 2

Unit 8 Notes Section 3

Unit 8 Notes Section 4

Unit 8 Notes Section 5

Unit 8 Notes Section 6

Unit 8 Notes Section 7

Spring Break:  No homework!!

Friday 4/1/16  Digestive Diseases in the News

HW-  NO HW!!  Enjoy spring break and come back feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

If you feel the need to work ahead, (you know who you are), you can start Unit 8-  heart and lungs.  The first weeks’ reading and notes set is from pages 564- 582.  Here is a copy of the notes outline:  Unit 8 Notes Section 1

Thursday 3/31/16  Unit 7 test

Tuesday 3/29/16  Review day for test. 

Self- correct W/S 7.1 – 7.9 and review any unclear concepts

Potential Long answer questions for Thursday’s test:

Unit 7Long answer possibilities

Monday 3/28/16  Large intestine- finish lecture

Group work:  Finish life sized sketch of person, showing the chemical and mechanical digestion in the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.  Include accessory structures (liver, gall bladder and pancreas) which produce hormones, enzymes and other chemicals necessary in digestion.

HW  W/S 7.9 due Tuesday

Friday 3/25  Lecture:  Large Intestines

In class:  Finish Conclusion from yesterday’s lab.  If not complete please complete by  Monday

HW  WS 7.8 Large Intestine

Notes 7.6  Large Intestine

** For those of you that somehow misplaced your notes packet, here are the word documents for each:

Unit 7 Notes Section 1,   Unit 7 Notes Section 2Unit 7 Notes Section 3Unit 7 Notes Section 4Unit 7 Notes Section 5Unit 7 Notes Section 6

Thursday 3/24  Lab:  7.5  Small Intestine Microstructure.  We will finish all parts of this except the conclusion (which will be completed after the large intestine lecture)

HW  w/s 7.7  The digestive system

Tuesday 3/22

Lecture:  Small Intestine

HW  Notes 7.5 ( Structure, Secretions and Movements)

WS  7.5 (The Villus) and 7.6 (Small Intestine)  We will have class time for this as well

Monday 3/21

Review of hormones and enzymes produced by the pancreas and the duodenum.

HW:   At this point you should have finished Notes 7.1 through 7.4and WS 7.1 through 7.4    I will check these tomorrow 🙂

I will check your pancreas and small intestine labs during/after class.

Friday 3/18  – Lab 7.4 Small Intestine

  •   Test your surgical skills by unraveling the small intestine
  • We will have a contest to see who has the longest small intestine

HW  Write up labs 7.3 and 7.4,  AND  WS 7.4

Thursday 3/17-  Lab 7.3  Pancreas

We will complete lab 7.3 and expose (but not remove) the Pancreas.  If you finish the content quiz and all of the questions on the microstructure and macrostructure of the Pancreas you may move on to Lab 7.4  Small Intestine and remove the small intestine from the pig and place it in the organ jar for Friday

Tuesday 3/15–  Lecture  Pancreas.  We will look at the structure and  functions of the pancreas from 2 perspectives:

  1.  Pancreas as part of the endocrine system (endocrine gland)-  what hormones are produced to help regulate sugar (glucose) in the blood?
  2. Pancreas as part of the digestive system (exocrine gland) – what enzymes are secreted into the duodenum from the pancreas?  Which nutrients do they help break down?

HW  Read Lab 7.3,  Complete WS 7.3

Monday 3/14  –  Finish Lab 7.2 Microstructure of the Liver.  Be able to describe the blood flow through the liver, and the production and flow of bile out of the liver.

HW  Make sure you have completed notes 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Friday 3/10/16-  Teacher Workday-  No School,

Thursday 3/9/16–  Lab 7.2   Liver Microstructure and Lecture on Structure and Function of the lobule (functional unit of the liver)

Tuesday 3/7/16–  Lab 7.1  Remove the liver

HW  Notes section 7.2

Monday3/6/16–  Lecture on basic functions of liver

HW  Notes section 7.1

Friday 3/4  Start Unit 7   Intestines and Accessory Organs of the Digestive System

HW  Notes for 7-1      Unit 7 Notes Section 1

Thursday 3/3

First half:  Class review for Unit 6 test

Second half:  Unit 6 test

Potential Long Answer Questions:   Potential Long Answer Questions

Tuesday 3/1

Get results and write up Pepsin Lab 6.5

Quick Lecture on Nutrition

HW  Come up with 6 questions that you still have for Unit 6 (questions you would like me to go over).  I have highlighted key vocabulary and topics from the worksheet packet that will be on the Unit test.  These are posted on the door of room 134.

 Monday 2/29  Happy Leap Day!

Lab 6.5- Pepsin Generation (set up lab today)

HW  – Notes 6.7 (Nutrition)-  This should be a review for most of you.   Unit 6 Notes Section 7

Friday 2/26  Lecture:  Stomach secretions

HW  WS 6.5  Enzymes  due Monday

Thursday 2/25  Finish Lab 6.3 (stomach dissection) and Complete Lab 6.4 (Stomach microstructure)

HW  Notes 6.6 Enzymes (due tomorrow)   Unit 6 Notes Section 6

Tuesday Feb 23rd–  Lab 6.3 remove stomach and dissect

HW  Write up lab if not complete in class

Monday Feb 22nd-

Review of the stomach.

Pre-lab  6.3  stomach removal and dissection (tomorrow).  Virtual lab from Whitman College’s virtual fetal pig dissection site.

Observe removed stomach and plan tomorrow’s dissection

HW  Notes 6.5  Stomach secretions due ThursdayUnit 6 Notes Section 5

Friday Feb 19th-

Lecture:  parts of the stomach and their functions

HW  Notes Section 6-4   Unit 6 Notes Section 4and WS 6-4  Due Monday

Thursday Feb 18th–  We are giving the pigs a break today!

Review intro to digestion topics and lab questions.

In anatomy we learn about the structure and function of each part of your digestive system but we often ignore the equally important bacterial element of digestions.  We will start by watching a 14 minute Ted Talk by Jonathan Eisen called, “Meet your microbes”  Link

Gut Microbes and how they interact with your digestive system.  We will read about some current research on how bacteria in your digestive system affect your immune system and overall health.

Choose 2 articles from the following links.  Summarize the article and then look at the author’s credentials and sources that were sited in the article. Do you think that this article includes “good science”?  Does the author have any obvious conflicts of interest?

Tuesday Feb 16th-  Guest teacher:  The legendary “Ferg” will teach class today.  You will finish the mouth dissection.

Homework:  Outline Section 6.3 Due Friday  Unit 6 Notes Section 3

Friday and Monday (Feb 12th and 15th)  – No school

Thursday, February 11th–  Lab 6.2  The pig mouth- part 1

HW-  w/s 6-2 Salivary glands and ducts

Tuesday, February 9th–  Lab 3.4 Intro to the pig

HW  Outline Section 6-2 on mouth, tongue and salivary glands,  Read Lab 6.2 (pig mouth)

Unit 6 Notes Section 2

Monday, February 8th–  Finish teeth models/types and functions of teeth, layers of a tooth, teeth in our class skeleton

HW  w/s 6-1  (we will highlight vocab to know it class)

Read Lab 3-4  Intro to the pig!

Friday, February 5th-

Turn in Unit 1 WS packet for grading

Quiz Unit 1 anatomical terminology-  on quiz………

Inferior/Superior,   Posterior/Anterior,   Dorsal/Ventral,   Medial/Lateral,       Distal/Proximal,  External/Internal,  Prone/Supine,    Superficial/Deep,       Thorax,    Trunk,  Pelvic,   Appendage,  Cervical,    Palmar,  Bilateral,   Sagittal, Frontal( Coronal),  Transverse (horizontal),  

Start Unit 6 (upper digestive system)

Section 6-1 notes    Unit 6 Notes Section 1  (also available in class)  – due Monday

Block Day  Thursday February 4th- 

Lab:  Autopsy of a Pickle-  Use your anatomical terminology when dissecting a pickle to determine the cause of death.

Review questions on previous homework for week.

Homework:  1-5 and 1-3.  Quiz Friday on Anatomical terms (1-1, 1-2, 1-4 and 1-6)

Tuesday, February 2nd-

  • Request partners for dissection groups
  • Notes- types of cuts/anatomical terms
  • Practice using terms by making tape “incisions” on the class giraffe
  • Pre-read “Autopsy of a Pickle”

Homework:  Worksheets 1-4 and 1-6

Monday, February 1st- 

Stamp HW (section 1  notes)

Lecture:  Anatomical terms.  Practice using terms in small groups.

HW  Worksheets 1-1 and 1-2

Friday, January 29th-  all handouts are available in hanging files in class

1st day sheets handed out.

Pass out notes guide for section 1

Check out textbooks/ return neuroscience texts

HW-  notes for section 1 due Monday